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Given the high barrier to becoming listed on the official Nominet WHOIS spinner, Openstrike decided to build their own. This site, launched in 2021, allows for rapid, reliable WHOIS look-ups and a spinner populated by registrars who support the PublicBenefit campaign. The public part of the site is heavily optimised to provide the fast user experience so often lacking in alternative WHOIS services.

Maughan Amplifier Company

After five years with an existing site, the Maughan Amplifier Company required a new structure and design in order to reflect the additional services which they now provide. The new design is clean and clear while adhering to the original design principles. The site is entirely compliant with the W3C standards and is navigable with any modern browser.

Ethernet Cables

Having an online shop which sells custom-made products means that many of the standard one-size-fits-all e-commerce solutions just cannot provide a viable platform. Instead, a small but highly efficient bespoke system is required to cater for the specific needs of this business. Openstrike can design and build a shop like this for any size of business and increase your sales to a wide audience.

World Cup

As the world cup is the premier competition in each sport, a site dedicated to these popular and prestigious tournaments can expect a lot of traffic. Openstrike's own site receives a lot of interest - particularly so during the events themselves. A sound architecture is needed to cope with the resultant peaks in demand.

Dixon Lesley

Dixon Lesley cutters are famous the world over for being the best tools in their field. In order to expand their reach, they have chosen a clean, clear site which draws on their reputation for operating in a straightforward fashion. The site is, of course, built to strict validation criteria and conforms to XHTML 1.1 and CSS2. Within the first 3 months, this site has already paid for itself with the increased orders which it has generated.

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